When Did You Stop Dreaming?

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Do you remember the times in your life when you were most on fire with possibilities, dreams, and future goals?  How about now?  When did you stop dreaming?  Do you know the various points along the way when you settled for less than you had imagined for your life?

What happened?  Did life sort of get in the way of living?

I’m not going to tell you that you can have anything you want if only you envision it. In fact, the movie ‘The Secret’, missed the mark on the manifesting dreams and ‘Vision Board’ concept. Obviously it’s not that simple.  We can’t just wish something into being, can we?

To achieve what is possible takes far more than a Vision Board or thinking and wishing something so.  Perhaps you have noticed?  But here’s what’s true:  We can make who we are, what we have and what we do, better, always.

We can from this moment forward, create the best possible life for ourselves.

We may not reach our ultimate dreams, but if we aim for them and head in that direction each day, wherever we end up will be better, and we will know that we tried…that we gave it our best shot.

The journey of life has a definite beginning and a definite end.  Much of what happens in between is up to us, and even when things happen beyond our control, what’s always up to us is how they affect us.

No matter what happens, what is always up to you is how you let things affect you. Always.

As a coach and mentor, I see over and again that one of the greatest obstacles to progress is the stories people tell themselves.  We’ve probably heard some variation of the aphorism, “You can’t drive by way of the rear view mirror.”  Well, it’s the same thing with living our lives.

What happened yesterday or yesteryear or when we were little, is over…if we let it be.

For some reason, humans tend to hold onto that which has happened even more than we hold onto that which we wish to happen.  We also tend to focus on what we don’t want rather than on what we want, and subsequently, that’s what we get. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  It’s up to us to simply decide to do it differently.

When we hold onto the past we cannot embrace the future.

Are you moving steadily in the direction of your dreams, or are you backing into your future while gazing at the past?

What story are you stuck in, and how will you change it today?  Begin by focusing on what you do want, and take a strong step in that direction, and then another.

Begin here.  Now.  Affirm, then act:

“I can from this moment forward, create the best possible life for myself.”

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