Transforming Aging

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WOW!  I was super excited to learn of this program, and thanks to Ali Skylar for letting us know!!!

This is really the essence of our mission here at Best Boomers and Beyond:

To Transform Aging

In fact, the new name we’re migrating to is:  Boomers Reinvented, but don’t worry, you will be able to find us at either URL.

(By the way, if you have logo ideas for this new name, please let us know)!

Anyway, that’s why we were thrilled to learn that there’s an entire summit event already created that we can attend online for FREE and share with you.

Transforming Aging

We’ve likely all enjoyed laughing at the funny “Maxine” and “Auntie Acid” type cartoons, and howled at the hilarious comedy of Jeanne Robertson.  These are some favorites of my mother, who turned 80 this year.

There’s so much good humor out there about aging, and it’s great to laugh at these creative caricatures. We’ve all done it and can likely relate to some of it.  We’ve probably all said these kinds of things along the way, in some form or another, as we’ve laughed—or cried—at seeing and experiencing our bodies changing.

Well, these things are fun and funny, however, they’re getting old. (That’s a happy accident of a pun). Age jokes are getting old and stale, and it’s time for a transformation—and even a revolution—around aging.


Don’t buy into the myth of old age.

shutterstock_51340189Think about your idea of an old man or old woman for a minute.  What comes to mind?  What comes to mind for each age…?  I.e., 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s’, 90’s, 100’s..?

Chances are we each have an image of old age as a state we would not want to be in.  What we’re saying is that it doesn’t have to be that way.  It begins with a shift in attitude, lifestyle, perspective and mindset. We have to see and envision a different kind of future for our aging selves, and then set about to make that happen.

In many cultures, the elderly are respected and revered for the accumulated repository of experience converted to wisdom.

We’ve bought into the illusion that value and potential, correlates with beauty and youth.


We get it… youth is beautiful!  Who doesn’t love the fresh vibrancy of springtime and its equivalent in the human body?  It’s a glorious time!

We are wired to appreciate and admire beauty.  But cannot both—youth and age—be beautiful in their own way?  We think so!

Yoga for agelessness, Transforming Aging, The Shift Network, Ron Pevny, Center for Conscious Eldering, Boomers Reinvented, LeAura Alderson
Yoga for agelessness.

Youth is painted brightly on the divine canvas of our life, and age is the framework of experience etched by wisdom.

So envision this Baby Boomers. We were once the idealists renouncing suppressive mindsets, now, let’s do the same with aging.

It’s time to break out of worn out molds constructed for us, while building new scaffolding to our next phase.

It’s been said that disease in old age is a myth. We agree. Disease in old age is not a given… it is not a requirement of life and the aging process in humans or in nature.

We believe it’s possible to thrive all the days of our lives.

The folks at The Shift Network agree.  In fact they’re shouting this out in a big way through numerous experts for their upcoming free summit on transforming aging.

Health.  Transforming Aging, The Shift Network, Ron Pevny, Center for Conscious Eldering, Boomers Reinvented, LeAura Alderson
Health. You’re worth it!

Transforming Aging Summit

From The Shift Network

The good news is that while aging does come with its share of losses and diminishments, the more multidimensional vision of aging highlighted in The Transforming Aging Summit demonstrates that it can also include vast possibilities for true fulfillment and growth in whatever circumstances you find yourself. The speakers will lay out expansive possibilities for the gifts you can contribute to the world with the wisdom of the years on your side.

Transforming Aging, The Shift Network, Ron Pevny, Center for Conscious Eldering, Boomers Reinvented, LeAura AldersonThe presenters are not only experts in the field of conscious aging, they are also role models and mentors, such as Transforming Aging Summit founder, Ron Pevny, author of Conscious Living, Conscious Aging: Embrace & Savor Your Next Chapter.

You can look to for inspiration and guidance for living more meaningful, joyful and purpose-filled lives in “early elderhood” or elderhood, from an collage of wisdom, without even leaving your home. You’ll learn that aging well is about so much more than improving your physical health, mental acuity and longevity (but you’ll gain invaluable knowledge on this, too). Elevating your spiritual and emotional well-being according to the stage of life you’re experiencing is essential.

Transforming Aging, The Shift Network, Ron Pevny, Center for Conscious Eldering, Boomers Reinvented, LeAura Alderson
Stay engaged and creative.


You’ll discover deep wisdom and practices that can help liberate you from unresolved “baggage” you may have accumulated from your past… which, of course, frees up huge amounts of energy and empowers you to live your purpose with more joie de vivre. In turn, you’ll also come to see that the more clarity you gain around your visions and goals for the future, the more energy and passion you’ll experience on all levels.

Join The free Transforming Aging Summit to learn the secrets for truly staying “young at heart” – and shining more brightly as you age consciously.

This should be really interesting, so we’re signing up and hope you will too.  Meanwhile, I will be busy lining up interviews with some of their presenters for here at Best Boomers and Beyond, and Boomers Reinvented!

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