Corporate Clone to Biz Coach to Boutique Farmer

[Sorry about putting Mary Ann into such a small image box on the video.  We had technical difficulties resulting in needing to utilize her mobile device instead of computer, which resulted in a much smaller screen for her].

Corporate globetrotter to Truffle Grower with a passion for coaching entrepreneurs, Mary Ann Hauser traded her cushy white collar career for slinging manure in mudruckers as a boutique farmer for exotic Truffles, along with her husband, Kurt Hauser.

When she’s not bagging worms for their vermiculture venture, pruning Filbert trees, and gardening, Mary Ann is coaching other entrepreneurs toward their own great success stories as an Action Coach!

Oh!  And she’s also a wife, mother of two sons and grandmother of one.

Tune in to learn of Mary Ann’s journey into creating an extraordinary life, where in her second half, her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit are thriving!

We suspect Mary Ann is just getting warmed up!


Mary Ann Houser’s Tuber Nut Farm
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Filbert trees provide an ideal growing environment for truffles here at Tuber Nut Farm, VA.


Black Périgord Truffle, Perigord Truffles, Mary Ann Hauser, Action Coach, Coach Hauser, Corporate to Entrepreneur
Black Périgord Truffle

Mary Ann is a business coach, consultant, and owner of a business coaching firm located in Winston-Salem.  She is passionate about education and helping business owners make their businesses successful so that they can live the life they were meant to, and in doing so provide employment opportunity for others.

She and her family also own a farm in the Virginia Mountains that, she

Mary Ann’s background (prior to coaching) was in strategic marketing and business development in the pharmaceutical industry where was recognized as a leader in marketing and her leadership resulted in two Telly Awards for excellence in advertising; she was also awarded the “Founders Award” for Outstanding Leadership Dedication and Commitment to the pharmaceutical industry.

Today Mary Ann is on the Board of Governors at the Piedmont Club. She also serves on the board of several Mary Ann Houser of businesses in the Piedmont Triad.

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