Dance of Dunlins at Dusk

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Be prepared to be inspired by this incredible and breathtaking Dance of Dunlins at Dusk. It’s such an amazing world in which so many talented, intelligent and wise people share their art so graciously.  Thanks, Meg Mcdonald!!!  See her site here (or via the link at bottom).

These rather nondescript birds transform into poetry in motion when in flight en-mass. You will want to watch this, at least once, and share it with everyone you know to inspire their day.

Meg wrote on her YouTube page:  A murmuration is a shape-shifting cloud formed by a huge flock of birds. In this beautiful video, clouds of dunlin flash between brilliant white and darker colors as they swirl in the morning sun. I filmed them from the Nature Conservancy’s protected shoreline estuary on Port Susan Bay, Washington. The huge white birds near the shore are trumpeter swans, and a bald eagle can also be seen swooping in and perching in the midst of the dunlin.

The dunlin is a familiar shorebird around the world. In non-breeding plumage, as shown in this film, it’s drab gray with a brownish head and breast and white under-wings that are especially distinctive in flight. As a flock twists and turns together in flight, white flashes of under-wing gleam in the sun even from a distance.

Dunlin breed across the northern edges of both North America and Eurasia, and they winter along coasts around the Northern Hemisphere. The dunlin shown in this film, which are spending their winter in Washington State, migrate thousands of miles to breed during summer in the wet coastal tundra.

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Thanks Meg, for being at the right place at the right time and with the right equipment to capture magic on film.  We are in awe, no only of this incredible Dance of Dunlins at Dusk which you so deftly captured and now share, but also for the other amazing photography on your site, that puts the world of nature into majestic focus.

What’s as profound about the Dunlins for me is how you would never know what’s possible for these birds if you just saw them grazing at shore. Their beauty is truly revealed when they take flight in synchrony.  So what profundity and beauty is idling within you awaiting its time to soar…and what team can you fly with so that all together create more than one alone ever could?