Leading with Strength, Against All Odds

If you were told you’d never walk again, would you accept those words as truth?  Fortunately for her family and clients, Kathie Nelson did not sit down, lay down and give up, when it seemed like her life was over.

Instead again all odds, she began leading with strength.  First getting her own life back together, then climbing back to physical ability and business success.

Because of that… because Kathie has pushed through incredible personal challenges, to get to be where she is today, she’s able to helps her clients achieve their best.

Kathie is a compassionate, but results driven visionary, guiding business leaders to achieve and succeed.

In fitness, personal trainers push you to your own success because they’ve first achieved their own. In business, it’s the same with good business coaches.

Kathie discovered that about herself the hard way, but it’s a lesson she turned into a success story, in running her own business and life, and helping her clients do the same.

Through Kathie’s various life circumstances, which she shares in this interview, she decided at a very young age, to never be dependent on someone else again.  That’s actually a pivotal life circumstance for many entrepreneurs, and especially women, because then it’s not just about job independence, but also relationally.

New book by Mother-Daughter co-authors, Bette Laughrun and Kathie Nelson, I Want What She's Got!
New book by Mother-Daughter co-authors, Bette Laughrun and Kathie Nelson, I Want What She’s Got!

KathieNelson.com is just one of Kathie’s ventures.  She and her mother, Bette Laughrun, a ‘Beyond Boomer’ entrepreneur and author, have co-written a book, just out, titled, I Want What She’s Got!

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Kathie Nelson, entrepreneur, author & business coach

AND… there’s also a wine label in Kathie’s family future!  Tune into this inspiring interview with Kathie Nelson.

Founder and CEO Kathie Nelson, is a serial entrepreneur and born powerhouse in business growth, is a four times author, highly sought after speaker, top tier business strategist, and coach.