INTERVIEW: Mountain Whispers ~ Days Without Sun Author, G. Coleman Alderson

Retired Re-fired at 60

What inspires and motivates someone in their late 50’s to contemplate writing a first novel, and to then spend the next three years writing it? This debut novel is 416 pages total, and has grown from what was intended to be one book, to what is becoming a trilogy or quadrilogy.

Think this couldn’t happen to you? Whether it’s writing a book or some other endeavor you may have fantasized about, realizing your dreams is one step away, one day at a time.

An Interview with My Husband

This is an interview of one such baby boomer, who is also my husband of 27 years, Coleman Alderson. Coleman was born in 1953 and has done many things in his entrepreneurial life thus far, but writing a novel is a brand new adventure.

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Caution: This Could Be “Edgy”

Is this interview—or this book—political?  We don’t think so, but Coleman says it could be “edgy”.

For certainly it is talking about sacred cows and belief systems that may or may not be rooted in truth, and which people may or may not be prepared to address with Spock-like objectivity. Most sacred cows are defended rather than examined. It’s just what people tend to do: we protect our own, which includes our ideals and ideologies.

Still, seeking truth is what Coleman—and Mountain Whispers—is about. This debut novel, cloaked in colorful characters from deep in the mountains and ways of Appalachian coal country, paints a mural of a fiercely independent people. We meet them and mesh in the emotions of an escalating clash between them and the utopic green cities of idealistic interdependence, each living according to the precepts of deeply rooted creeds and deeds.

Book One is Out and Book Two is Underway

Mountain Whispers ~ Days Without Sun, by G. Coleman Alderson
Mountain Whispers ~ Days Without Sun, by G. Coleman Alderson

A Dystopic Action Adventure Thriller Spanning Four Generations

Neither Boomers Reinvented, nor Coleman nor I, are proponents of any political party. Probably like you, we’ve lived long enough to see the pros and cons of all of them, and how politics is cyclical and in one cycle one party can look very much like the other in a previous or subsequent cycle.

Perhaps this interview and topic flirts with politics. Perhaps it is just commentary and ruminations on the ‘what ifs’ of these tumultuous, fascinatingly revolutionary times we’re living today. Certainly Coleman’s book, Mountain Whispers ~ Days Without Sun is one entertaining hypothesis on where things could go. You can decide what it is for you, and have fun letting us know. Meanwhile, if you like this kind of discussion and would like to engage in some conversations of this ilk, you can take that to Coleman’s blog, 😉, and visit the Mountain Whispers Facebook Page to comment and maybe get a conversation going.

If You Liked Atlas Shrugged…

If you enjoyed Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, you will enjoy the Mountain Whispers books series. If you haven’t yet read Atlas Shrugged, you might want to go ahead and read this classic. Since I don’t read fiction, I finally listened to the well-read audio version of Atlas Shrugged from iTunes about four years ago, at the behest of my daughter.  She read it and loved it when she was 16, and was convinced I would as well, and she was right. I don’t do fiction because I prefer to immerse in truth and reality, however Atlas, is an eye-opening and cleverly revelatory rendering, that invites deeper contemplation of our assumptions. Mountain Whispers is a kindred spirit in that regard.

Phil Town, Best Selling Author of Rule One: The Simple Strategy for Successful Investing in Only 15 Minutes a Week!, and Payback Time: Making Big Money is the Best Revenge!, said:

“I really enjoyed Mountain Whispers: Days Without Sun. It’s just fabulous! 

I’ve read a lot in this genre and I love it. It’s like The Road (by Pulitzer Prize winner Cormac McCarthy) and Dies the Fire by S.M. Stirling.

Coleman has taken another point of view, which I’ve never read before. It’s a fascinating and entertaining page turner with intriguing characters, and a unique look at the world of the future.

I’m ready for the next installment, and can’t wait to find out what happens to Virgil and Celia and all these people. That was awesome! Everybody just go get Coleman’s book!”  
Phil Town, National Best-Selling Author of Rule #1 Investing and Payback Time


So, as Phil said, if you’ve read and enjoyed either, The Road (by Pulitzer Prize winner Cormac McCarthy) and Dies the Fire by S.M. Stirling, then you will also enjoy Mountain Whispers ~ Days Without Sun, by G. Coleman Alderson!

But That’s Not All!

But that’s not all that Coleman is embarking on that’s an entirely new career direction, and something tells me that Coleman is just getting started. He’s also become a highly successful options trader and coach for the safely successful* investment education program, Rule One, authored and taught by Phil Town and his fabulous team of family and outstanding coaches and staff.

*Rule One is named and fashioned after Warren Buffet’s Rule #1 (and #2):  “Never lose money.”

Don’t Think You’re Qualified? Think Again

Coleman graduated Penn State with a masters in park planning and management, and during the first half of his life has entrepreneured several businesses, including home construction as a general contractor, landscaping and closet organization company, real estate investing, domestic and international development, and is fourth generation land and mineral resources development.

None of Coleman’s former areas of endeavor, nor his formal training are related to anything he’s embarking on now. And yet he and his life have become more fully charged, vibrant and impassioned through his experience of learning, growing, and creating in these new areas of pursuit.

Refresh, Rekindle, Reignite!

Coleman Alderson with our 'kids': Devani and Nikolai goofing off at Universal Studios, May 2015
Coleman Alderson with our ‘kids’: Devani and Nikolai goofing off at Universal Studios, May 2015

So if you find yourself feeling stuck, stagnant, dull, bored or even depressed, chances are you just need an infusion of new. That’s how humans are wired according to 20th century Psychologist Abraham H. Maslow. We all experience six basic needs, (I say seven, but that’s another post): we each need the safety of certainty and the familiar. And, paradoxically, yet logically, we also all need the excitement of uncertainty and adventure.

If we are too comfortable, we get lulled into the rut of complacency, and that can happen to us individually as well as to a society as a whole, which is another angle of philosophical humanistic nuances explored in the story of Mountain Whispers.

What Motivates and Inspires You? Start There.

What motivated Coleman to decide one day to sit down and begin writing a novel comprised of a rich cast of characters from four generations of the Appalachian Mountains? Or, to craft a futuristic world in a dystopic, action-adventure-thriller novel, that begins in 2054, and travels to places in the past from the eyes of a distant present?

Debut novel aside, what’s he doing to earn double and triple digit returns on our private investment portfolio?

Tune in to learn more about my husband, Coleman Alderson, and his journey into authorship, speaker, blogger and savvy investor, in this conversation with him.

If you’re feeling stuck, chances are you just need an infusion of new. And new… is only a skill away.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this interview, and please let us know what you think. You can post your comments below and/or visit our Boomers Reinvented Facebook page, and also the Mountain Whispers Facebook page.

And, as Coleman says on the inside page of Mountain Whispers, Book One:
To all who seek the truth and upon finding it, act accordingly.’ @ColemanAlderson, author, Mountain Whispers




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