Dance of Dunlins at Dusk

Dance of Dunlins at Dusk, dunlin, birds flocking, murmeration of birds, flight of dunlins,

Be prepared to be inspired by this incredible and breathtaking Dance of Dunlins at Dusk. It’s such an amazing world in which so many talented, intelligent and wise people share their art so graciously.  Thanks, Meg Mcdonald!!!  See her site here (or via the link at bottom).

These rather nondescript birds transform into poetry in motion when in flight en-mass. You will want to watch this, at least once, and share it with everyone you know to inspire their day.

Meg wrote on her YouTube page:  A murmuration is a shape-shifting cloud formed by a huge flock of birds. In this beautiful video, clouds of dunlin flash between brilliant white and darker colors as they swirl in the morning sun. I filmed them from the Nature Conservancy’s protected shoreline estuary on Port Susan Bay, Washington. The huge white birds near the shore are trumpeter swans, and a bald eagle can also be seen swooping in and perching in the midst of the dunlin.

The dunlin is a familiar shorebird around the world. In non-breeding plumage, as shown in this film, it’s drab gray with a brownish head and breast and white under-wings that are especially distinctive in flight. As a flock twists and turns together in flight, white flashes of under-wing gleam in the sun even from a distance.

Dunlin breed across the northern edges of both North America and Eurasia, and they winter along coasts around the Northern Hemisphere. The dunlin shown in this film, which are spending their winter in Washington State, migrate thousands of miles to breed during summer in the wet coastal tundra.

Please visit my beautiful photography website and my Facebook page for incredible high-resolution photographs of the majestic wild scenery and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest!

Thanks Meg, for being at the right place at the right time and with the right equipment to capture magic on film.  We are in awe, no only of this incredible Dance of Dunlins at Dusk which you so deftly captured and now share, but also for the other amazing photography on your site, that puts the world of nature into majestic focus.

What’s as profound about the Dunlins for me is how you would never know what’s possible for these birds if you just saw them grazing at shore. Their beauty is truly revealed when they take flight in synchrony.  So what profundity and beauty is idling within you awaiting its time to soar…and what team can you fly with so that all together create more than one alone ever could?

Bird Ballet

Bird Ballet, mumuration, starlings, starling mumeration, birds, flocks of birds, flocking birds,

You don’t have to be a bird hobbyist to enjoy this.

In this brief bird ballet, two bright lasses paddle toward a lovely aisle in the River Shannon, on a blustery Irish day, when they’re treated to an amazing murmeration—or dance—of starlings for an experience they’re bound to remember for life.  So glad they shared their experience and delight in it with the world.  Thanks to Sophie Windsor Clive and Liberty Smith!

There are a number of amazing “murmuration” videos to enjoy if you search YouTube for ‘murmuration’.  I chose this short 2 minute video by Sophie and Liberty, of, because it includes the raw footage of them and their obvious and incredulous delight at the scene of the amazing dance of starlings at sunset, which they were graced to witness.

I don’t think they knew what they were in for when they set out for the island, but what they got was clearly so much more.  It’s worth 2 minutes of your time, and here’s one more that’s well worth 2.5 minutes of your time.  When we invest in beauty and inspiration, we live a beautiful and inspired life.  See Alain Delorme’s capturing of murmuration magic via his site:

If you want more after that, there are other similarly beautiful videos to be found if you search YouTube for ‘murmuration’.  Enjoy…recharge…you will be glad you did.

What’s Your Life Script?

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What’s your life script? What’s your story?  Our stories create the manuscript of our lives.  What stories are you telling yourself?  You are the author.

If you don’t like how your story is playing out, change it.

We are all a compilation of stories and messages written into the margins and pages of our lives.  Think about it:  all that you know… all that you believe.. all that you hold to be how things are is mostly content and context spun for you in the tales of others.

As children we are raised on the myths of our times.  You know… the one where Zeus creates the thunderstorms and when it’s bad, he’s mad.  Oh, wait!  That’s not from our time is it?  But if we were born around 4 CE Rome, that would be a part of our story.

Many of today’s children believe in Santa Claus… that is until they don’t.  As adults, we believe other and different things, based on the culture we’re born into and raised in.  Some of us live in those beliefs forever.  Others seek alternative beliefs, and some perpetually break free of beliefs.

If you were born in the past couple decades into a remote aboriginal tribe, your beliefs—your world actually—would be comprised of the stories and traditions of your tribe.  Yet a trek to a city and a plane trip away, you could be in a modern metropolis, surrounded by millions of people, many of who believe some similar things culturally, and yet also some very different things, in particular about our own lives and our own worldview.  If you were born into a ghetto, your beliefs would be very different than if you were born into wealth and opportunity.  And yet, we are all in the same world… sometimes even in the same city. But besides our circumstance of birth… at a way-station between then and now, lives an exit to another story, and we can take a completely different route, if we wish to.

Our life is first made up of the stories we’ve been told, and then of the stories we tell ourselves.

Writers wrestle with forks in the road of their characters and plot lines, and they know there’s more than one way for the story to proceed, and more than one way for it to end.  Many writers begin with the end in mind, and work their way toward that, and yet as their novel evolves, sometimes they discover and choose twists and turns that surprise them and end up in a different and even better place in the end.

What if we begin our life, from this day forward, by directing it with the end in mind?

So what’s your life script, and what ending do you wish?  We tend to forget the power we have to create the life we want.  In fact, we too often forget that we are the only one who can.  Who else is going to create the life of our dreams for us?  You are the author, so it’s up to you. Now proceed to fill in the pages of your life toward the final chapter as you would write it.

You are the author, director, star and producer, now go create what you will… what YOU WILL.



Find Your North Star

Reset your compass daily in the direction of your dreams. Tap into that which elevates and energizes you… Find your North Star. Find it and you will find yourself.  Then proceed steadily in that direction, one thought, one step, one action at a time.