Ali Skylar Returns with a Script and a Tune

Musical bookwriter, lyricist composer, entrepreneur, mom, wife and business partner.

It was awesome to meet up again with one our earliest guests, Ali Skylar.

Ali is a humorously creative writer and imagineer who is just completing her first musical as the bookwriter, lyricist and composer.

Based on the storyline and music I’ve heard, I believe Ali’s first musical will be a huge hit because it touches on so much of the uncertainty of the life of entrepreneurs, artists and dreamers. It reveals the doubts and fears we all face that hold us back from achieving our dreams and embarking on the lives we lead in our imagination.

It’s about pushing through the fears with determination, no matter what.


It’s a play for artists, entrepreneurs dreamers, and anyone who has ever doubted the validity of their hopes and goals.

We think James Altucher would be a great fit for this because he’s all about this topic, the theme of the musical, breaking out of the mold set by others, and following your heart over the crowd. Plus he’s a New Yorker, it’s a musical, and it’s all about choosing yourself, which is James’ signature brand and message.

Ali’s musical has the potential to be a huge hit. Tune in to this interview to enjoy one of the songs being sung a bit later in the call.

So grab a cup of your favorite brew and join us in catching up with Ali. we enjoyed it and think you will to, and later we can all say, “I knew her when…” 🙂



As we were ending the call, there was these lovely rays of light streaming in over Ali. She didn’t notice until I mentioned it, because it was on her, thus hard for her to see on herself. It brought me to wonder… how many magical light-filled moments might actually occur unnoticed.

So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, take a pause, look up, stretch, deep breath of gratitude and appreciation for the quiet moments hiding in everyday things.

If you or someone you know might be interested in investing in Ali’s show, or sharing it with an agent you know, please contact us.




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Sucky To, Ali’s business site

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From Sucky to Soulful

Have you ever struggled with anxiety or depression?

Depression and anxiety impact ~20% of Baby Boomers!
Depression and anxiety impact ~20% of Baby Boomers!

After years of wrestling with this Ali Skylar found a way out.  In fact she created it.

This interview is Ali’s story of how she had to find a way out of her own personal crisis and lifelong struggle with anxiety.  The result is a funny and profound solution, that will help anyone shift to a better place. As Ali says:

Change the way you do be your day.

Sucky to Soulful: How to Shift from Anxiety and Depression

Ali Skylar's Shiftitudes is an incredible FREE resource of elevating, transformative and truly life changing affirmations.
Ali Skylar’s Shiftitudes is an incredible FREE resource of elevating, transformative and truly life changing affirmations.

Ali Skylar is the incredibly gifted creator and queen wordsmith of “Shiftitudes.”  These are powerful and punchy slogans to turn negative thoughts into positive reinforcements, or as Ali says: “Sucky to Soulful!”

You can get Ali’s Shiftitudes FREE on her website, where you will find other entertaining and eloquent content to brighten your day and send you on the way with a smile and a chuckle.

Ali’s is an unintentional comedian, as evidenced by her “on the go course for busy people”, Transforming “Ahh crap!” into “A Wholy Shift!”

Shift happens when we turn struggles into chuckles.

Passionate about helping people easily turn any negative situation and mindset into something uplifting and positive, Ali talks about how she started writing as a way to help her reduce stress and get out of a deep anxiety and depression.  This journey sparked the idea for her soul work. Ali’s is a beautiful story of how magic happens when we turn pain into creativity.

When you find something that works, you want to share it.

When you find a way out of pain in to joy, out of dark into light, out of limitations into infinite possibilities, it’s natural to want o share it, and that’s Ali Skylar.

When Ali heard about Best Boomers and Beyond she reached out to us, because of our shared positive approach to life, and because she’s a baby boomer.  We soon found out she’d already met half of my family!

My husband Coleman, and son Nikolai, met Ali and her son Chaz, at an event called Board Meetings International (BMI) back in 2012.  The two founders of BMI, Jim Sheils and Brian Scrone, are two lifelong best friends with a mission of helping families deepen their connectedness in an often disconnected world.

Ali is funny, witty, and engaging and you’re sure to enjoy this interview as much as we enjoyed learning more about her!  You can also peruse her Best Boomers and Beyond article: “What You See is Not ME!, and visit her site for a smile and a chuckle, and be sure to say “hello”.

AND… to see some of the wonderful programs and books she’s created!  I especially like the Artitudes!

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Magic happens when we turn pain into art. What are you transforming today?

And… if you love transformative power of words like Ali does, you might just enjoy this book, Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words.  I’m not the wordsmith that Ali is, yet I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  See what you think.

Show Notes / Resources:

Sucky to Soulful Ali Skylar’s website where you can see some of her Shiftitudes!

Board Meetings International is an organization that exists to strengthen the relationship parents have with their children through providing a unique educational experience like no other.

A Course In Miracles by Marianna Williamson

Esther Hicks is an American inspirational speaker and author.

Chocolate with Almonds… “For when all else fails.” Ali Skylar

best boomers and beyond, ali skylar, leaura alderson, sucky to soulful, board meetings international, mindset, shifting, awakening, becoming, being, feeling, opening up, taking care of yourself
Ali Skylar

Ali Skylar’s mission is to use inspirational words, positive affirmations, mindfulness exercises and positive songs to help you learn how to change your life and have a true spiritual awakening! Ali uses her Shiftitudes -uniquely crafted self-affirmation acronyms – blog, books and courses to help keep you committed to your spiritual journey! Also, her Quotitudes – inspirational sayings, encouraging words and inspirational quotes about life – gently aid in helping you to achieve a positive mental attitude essential for personal growth and presence of mind. Chat with Ali on Google+ | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube.