Struggling? Create Something

    A universal principle is that when we consume more than we create, we suffer.

    Physically in terms of excess weight; emotionally, in terms of suppressed creativity, and mentally, by way of often feeling overload and overwhelm.

    Overwhelm is the emotional and mental equivalent of overweight.  Fat can overwhelm our bodies.  Excessive input without comparable output, can overload our entire system.

    Humans are designed to learn and do; do and learn.

    Life is supposed to be a continuous cycle or upward spiraling actually, of learning and growth, learning and growth.  For optimal circulatory efficiency, we need proper nutrition, water, and exercise.  For optimal emotional and mental “circulation”, we need to learn, create, and produce. If we are not creating and producing new things and enjoying new experiences, our mind and emotions stagnate, and life is diminished.

    When life is diminished, we’re more likely to feel and be negative, and to seek the shadows of adversity and destructive stimuli of all kinds.  Think of any negative human emotions, habits, etc., which afflict you and those whom you know. Chances are these were not connected to accomplishments and creative, elevating endeavors.

    The great thing about observing these habits and anomalies is that it lets us know where we can start in addressing the negatives and transitioning them to positives.  Similarly, whenever we feel negative tension of any kind, we can see it as a wake-up call from our soul, nudging us to be aware of the condition so that we can address it.

    Most people tend to resist this discomfort. Learners embrace it and view it as an interesting thing to observe, and from there they learn to transmute and ameliorate the condition.

    The way back to a full and whole life is simple.

    The good news is that the way back to a full and whole life is simple and begins with easily manageable steps.  Here’s a starter list, and for more, click at the end of this article and you’ll be taken to an expanded article on this topic, with more tips you can apply.

    • Get outside.  Enjoy a brisk walk in nature whenever possible, but  do take time to smell the flowers, and to appreciate the beauty and wonder of creation.
    • Count your blessings.  We each have so many, but daily familiarity often causes us to lose site of these.
    • Learn and do.  Enjoy learning something new that’s of interest personally or of value in your work.  Study, learn, do.  Repeat.

    So, the fastest, most effective way to get out of any slump and more fully back into the flow of a full and rich life is to simply take steps in a positive direction, moving forward, upward and onward.

    What do you do to turn your slumps around?

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