BOOK REVIEW: The Motivation Manifesto

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Do you know the greatest pain for coaches and mentors?  If you’re a parent, you know, because it’s basically the same as for parents.

The greatest pain for coaches, mentors and parents is seeing their clients (or our children or friends), struggle unnecessarily.

If you’re struggling, chances are there’s a solution. Often a simple solution close at hand; a simple flipped switch of awareness that can make all the difference.

Close friends and family—and now you—know that I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars (!!!) in learning and growth of all kinds over the past five years. It’s because I’m on a mission to be the best me I can be, while helping others achieve the same in their lives.

I’ve learned from, studied with, and/or been coached by a number of top visionaries, coaches, business and self-development leaders in the world. This ongoing and vast exposure to the best enables me to be able to recommend the very best to you.

Of the may tools and resources I recommend to folks, a favorite is The Motivation Manifesto. I, think it’s really cool how—as a baby boomer, there are so many Gen Xers as well as Millenials from whom I am learning.

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Making Progress

Brendon Burchard is on a mission to elevate and liberate. He says this and I believe it, because that’s how I feel. I’m in my passion zone when helping people be all they can be.  It lights me up and is what I live for, and I think it’s the same for him.

If you can let my money and experience benefit you, then the personal cost that I’ve invested over the years will be all the more valuable because you won’t have to search as lo and hard, or experience the pain of wasted time and money on things that don’t work or are not worth what you paid for them.

I’m sharing with you the best that I’ve learned from… the very same things that I recommend to my friends and clients, because I’ve vetted the best from the rest. (And I hope you’ll let me know your favorites too)!  That way we keep elevating each other and all those around us.

It’s like this:
If you’re at the mountain top and see the best route up, and see others below trying to figure it out… wouldn’t you want to shout out to them and point out the best path up based on the experience of your journey?

Same thing here. If anything I can share can save you time, money and effort in getting to your ultimate goal for yourself and your life, then that’s what I’m in for because I’ve loved helping people all my life, and I abhor waste.  Wasted money, wasted time, wasted anything (my kids wasting food, electricity, etc). So it truly inspires me when what I’ve learned and had access to can be shared to make a difference in the lives of others. (And, it softens the blow of the mistakes I’ve made and wrong paths taken by sharing it).

So, there’s nothing to lose, and oh so much to gain. Will you do this for yourself?  Will you go ahead and choose to elevate your present and future?

I am an active affiliate of this man because I have purchased enough of his programs to know the value and recommend them without hesitation. (But this is a free program, so nothing to be paid unless you like it enough to want more).

And, by the way, my advice to my clients and to you is to NOT upgrade and buy anything else until you’ve first fully implemented this!

Don’t be an information junkie!  That’s just another form of obesity and just as unhealthy as eating more food than your body needs, and it leads to frustration and defeat.

So I signed up for this new program, because, based on my past experience with this top leader of leaders, I have no doubt that this will be his best program yet, and in fact he calls this “The greatest work of my life.”  WOW! That’s QUITE a proclamation!

I’m doing this. Will you join me?  It’s just a small shipping fee and the rest… a BOOK and an ENTIRE ONLINE PROGRAM is FREE!!!

I hope you sign up!  Would love to hear from you if you do and how it’s going for you. If there’s enough interest, maybe we can do a mastermind of those who are going through this program.

So, sign up for free, then read, study, implement, excel.

Baby Boomer, Brendon Burchard's Motivation Manifesto, Accelerator Program, Free Book, Best Boomers and Beyond, Baby Boomer Generation,
Do not doubt that you can be a person of greatness.

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