REVIEW: Dark Deception – Debunking the Myths

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Get sun. Prevent disease.

Dark Deception: Discover the Truths About the Benefits of Sunlight Exposure

Having grown up in Hawaii, I’m fond of the sun and outdoor fun, and have more than my share of sun-kissed wrinkles and sun spots.  So while it would be great to have the porcelain skin untouched by powerful rays, as a nurse at a doctor’s office once told me:  “I had fun getting most of those spots and wrinkles, so they don’t bother me.”

But do we need to be careful with sun exposure to our skin? Absolutely! However, there’s more to the story to uncover.

“A recent study shows that 600,000 people worldwide are developing cancer because they are not receiving their necessary sun exposure.”

All that we’ve heard about the dangers of sun exposure and the benefits of sunscreen, is not entirely true.  In fact, it’s almost opposite from what we need to be doing.  “Sunlight exposure can prevent disease, accelerate healing, and improve your quality of life.”

Baby Boomers are the generation that began to question everything.  Time to question the myths of our times, including those addressed in this life-saving book.  It could save your life or that of a loved one.

My copy of Dark Deception is heavily highlighted and pages are tagged, for the many interesting and amazing revelations it contains, and I’ve given copies to my doctors, especially the dermatologist that tells me not to go out in the sun without sunscreen.

Get sun, get healthy, and get this book to show you how.  Dark Deception, Discover the Truth about the Benefits of Sunlight Exposure, by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

This book, is not only important, but at the risk of sounding dramatic, it could possibly even save your life.

The contents, concepts and research cited in Dark Deception should be required study for medical students, and should become common knowledge—and common sense—amongst the rest of us.

In fact, at one time, these concepts were common knowledge.  But as society has become more developed, we’ve also moved away from the common usage of the natural world for most of what ails us.

I do not believe anyone is to blame, nor that there is any conspiracy for most of the misinformation out there.  Rather, I believe it is attributable to the growing pains of civilization, where in the spiral of learning, application and growth, the view changes depending on where we are on that spiral.

As we ascend the spiral of learning, the view changes as awareness expands at each subsequent revolution.

So we’ve turned the corner of the spiral of mass availability of manufactured vitamins.  These have worked for so many and will continue to. It’s likely saved and fortified lives.  However, the next level upward includes perspective on the value in returning to natural sources whenever possible.,

Some of the best remedies for so many human maladies, can be found all around us in nature.  Indeed, the most important one that’s available to all of us, almost daily, for free, is the sun.

Without a doubt, activated vitamin D is the single most powerful hormone in the human body.

Sunlight: vital for health, Best Boomers and Beyond, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Book Review of Dark Decption by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Natural Vitamin D from the Sun, LeAura Alderson, Best Boomers and Beyond, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Book Review of Dark Decption by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Natural Vitamin D from the Sun, LeAura Alderson,
Sunlight: vital for health

Of course too much sun can be harmful.  Anything—even good things—can be harmful if you get too much of it.  However, there are many ailments that can be prevented, improved or remedied by exposure to sunlight for natural vitamin D.

What ails you?

The Sun Has the Potential to Improve or Heal:

Sunshine is the best source for vitamin D & K, Best Boomers and Beyond, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Book Review of Dark Decption by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Natural Vitamin D from the Sun, LeAura Alderson,
Sunshine is the best source for vitamin D & K.
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Mental Illness
  • Poor Cholesterol Levels
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Cold & Flu Viruses
  • And more
Sun for health, vitamin d exposure
Enjoy the great outdoors, fresh air and natural vitamin D.

If you knew you could likely prevent or heal an illness by moderate daily sun exposure whenever possible, would you do it?

Personally, I’d much rather spend 20 minutes out in the sun and fresh air, and get vitamin D from foods that contain it naturally.  We are so fortunate to have such ready access to bottled nutrients when we need them,  yet it just makes sense to obtain our nutrients directly from the source whenever possible.

I’m vegetarian, but I’d rather eat salmon than take a pill if I couldn’t get my vitamin D from the sun, mushrooms, eggs and ricotta cheese.  I’m not against supplements.  I take some and am grateful to have them.  However, it just makes sense to nourish our bodies direct from the source whenever possible


Interesting fact about sun and skin cancer:

People who spend more time outdoors actually decrease their risk of developing deadly melanoma.

One of the biggest causes for fall and winter cold and flu season are an absence of vitamin D, and an absence of fresh air.

Dark Deception, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Vitamin D, Sunshine, Cancer Prevention, Critical for Health, Best Boomers and Beyond, Baby Boomers, LeAura Alderson,


And what about sunscreen?  Is it as necessary as we’ve been taught?  We think this book, Dark Deception:Discover the Truths About the Benefits of Sunlight Exposure, by Dr. Joseph Mercola, is an important book, substantiated by research that could save lives.

Save money through natural healing, using the resources available to most everyone, and learn how to do it safely by reading about it in this book.


Source:  Dark Deception: Discover the Truths About the Benefits of Sunlight Exposure, by Dr. Joseph Mercola, where you will also find corresponding and extensive research sources cited in pages 189-238.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, in excellent health at age 60.

NOTE:  While Dr. Mercola has taken heat for some of his alternative remedies and philosophies, overall we favor an open mind toward his ongoing learning and research, along with a strong dose of commons sense. We think the best medicine comes from a blend of the best of both the allopathic and naturopathic fields of study and application. So we value Dr. Mercola’s avid learner mindset when it comes to pursuit of excellence in health.  Of course these are our opinions of one expert’s advice and research, so check it out and form your own… let us know what you think, because we also value your opinion.

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