Reinventing Retirement Communities – a Growing Trend

To Golf or To Garden? Decisions…

Let’s face it, not everyone dreams about the all-American golf resort retirement.  Some of us want to spend the time traveling, picking up a new hobby, creating a business from an idea “that should have been done” … Or gardening!

There is a growing trend of getting back to the earth, self-sustainability, and recultivating our backyards and living areas with gardens.  Millenials, families, boomers… the garden is bringing people together.  Which makes since, as we enjoy coming together around food! 🙂


Gardening is a great way to connect deeper with family and friends.

Again, nothing wrong with golf, but if that’s not something you truly enjoy, but… If you want to start a new tradition, check out ways you can incorporate gardening on page 2!

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