Rebirth of Soul

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Tami Gaines’ story is that of a hard-wrought journey of survival and thriving against all odds, and at great personal costs.  But it is often when we are most challenged that our greatest strengths emerge.

Tami’s story is one of turning struggle to triumph, and converting pain and agony into opportunities for discovery, growth and renewal. She is an ideator, entrepreneur, single mom of four, author speaker, and radio show host, passionate about educating and empowering others to excellence.

From her desire to serve, while nurturing her own entrepreneurial dreams, Tami created The Rebirth of Soul programs, books and radio show, to help others find the one moment in their greatest challenge, when they discover that they are not as weak as they once believed – the moment when they find their inner strength.  The one moment that makes everything that follows… possible.

Tami is committed to helping women in transition rebirth the soul of their most difficult experiences.

We hope you enjoy the conversation with Tami, and visit her site to learn more about her incredible journey from pain, tragedy and conflict to success and resolution.

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Tami Gaines, author, speaker, entrepreneur, single mother of four.



Tami Gaines‘ life has been largely defined by tremendous achievement, though the road to those successes has often been lined with giant potholes – seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  Tami’s has been able to find hidden gifts of growth in every challenge and embrace each setback as a choice to be bigger than her problems, and now she’s passionate about helping other do the same through her speaking, training, books and programs.

And, while Tami is three years younger than the youngest of the boomer generation, her story of personal transformation, adaptation and reinvention is inspiring, with lessons and learnings for anyone.


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