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Hanging Up the Cape
“The super woman role is an unsustainable model.” Janet Neal Janet Neal is a strong woman, passionate about helping people—especially
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Drop the Dress Code
With temperatures soaring in the UK and elsewhere, there is lots of debate going on about what is suitable attire
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BOOK REVIEW: The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth by James Altucher
Why You Must Invest in Yourself. You’ve probably gathered that we are fans of visionary author and entrepreneur extraordinaire, James Altucher. I
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INTERVIEW: Mountain Whispers ~ Days Without Sun Author, G. Coleman Alderson
Retired Re-fired at 60 What inspires and motivates someone in their late 50’s to contemplate writing a first novel, and
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MOVIE REVIEW: The Lunchbox
A Film that Lingers My husband and I have been to India three times. Two of those trips were for three
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The Art of Healing – An Artist Restores Her Ability to See
I think that many people are artists. Art can be expressed in so many ways, from how you arrange your
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CHAPPiE is an intriguing movie. FYI there might be a spoiler here and there for the sake of a full review.
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