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“I am George Zanatta and I am a Business Development Coach, Trainer and Public Speaker”.

This simple phrase is the culmination of a journey that began over 30 years ago and that often looked like an impossible feat, and at times it was almost forgotten. Almost.

I can finally say what was in my heart all along, but suppressed, ignored, and almost forgotten.

I knew what I wanted to do in life when I was 25 years old when I was “forced” to listen to motivational tapes. At that time I was traveling through California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona doing sales seminars for a company, along with a married couple that was learning the business. We would drive to the seminars in their car and the moment we got on the freeway they would start a motivational tape. The first few days it was like torture, from which there was no escape.  Gradually I started to pay attention, because I had no choice, and for the next few months as the lessons began to sink in, a new world opened in front of me.  My mind became filled with the words of Zig Ziggler, Jim Rohn, Dr. Robert Schuller, Bob Harrington, Leo Buscaglia, Tony Robbins and many others, and I began to believe in the possibility of a new reality… a new life.

I knew then what I wanted to do: I wanted to be like them! I wanted to help others grow and see the possibilities in life, but I was afraid. My inner voice told me that I was not good enough, that I needed to learn more, than I was not going to be able to make a living at it and that who was I to be teaching others about success. So I decided that I was going to prepare and train myself, so when I was ready I could pursue my dream.

For more than 25 years I collected audio programs, videos, books and attended all the seminars and workshops that I could afford, plus got certifications for all kinds of things. Actually there was a room in every house I lived in dedicated to all my “Motivational Materials” and a wall full of my certificates. One day after one of those important birthdays, the ones that end with a zero, my wife visited me in “My Motivation Room” while I was reading and asked me how much money there was in all of the programs, videos and books? I responded that I had spent several thousand dollars in my collection. Then she asked how much money had I spent on all my certificates? I knew I could not tell her because I had spent a small fortune, so I asked why she wanted to know and her answer changed my life: “I just want to know when are you going to do something with it?”

Suddenly I realized… that time was running out on my dream!

Not because I was too old but because my life had taken me in a different direction and re-inventing myself at that time seemed totally crazy. I was making good money and everything looked fine, if I kept a steady pace I could prepare for retirement with no worries. But there was something missing in my life and I wanted more, better and greater. It was not enough to talk the talk, if I was really who I thought I was I had to walk the walk.

So in the space of a year I closed my business, changed my personal image, even changed my clothes and started to tell everyone I was a Coach. I went from six figures to no figures by choice with only the dream and passion that if I was committed money would follow.

In retrospect my greatest challenge was to believe in myself…to think of myself as a coach and to own it…to own what I know I can do for people. For the first year or so even mouthing the word felt fake and, of course, my results were not what I expected, but then something happened and after a few successes with clients and a personal feeling of accomplishment I started to believe that I was a coach, a good coach and that I was on my way to becoming a great coach.

Opportunities followed and I expanded my work to include training and consulting. After all, 30 years as an entrepreneur gave me a world of experience and at the very least I know what doesn’t work. Today I am known as “The Tough Love” business coach because of my direct and “No Gloves” approach to business solutions. I have given seminars, workshops and trainings in 30 states and over 100 cities working with Fortune 500 companies and coaching entrepreneurs and executives. I love my life, I love what I do, and my intention in writing this article is not to talk about me, it is to tell you that living your dreams is possible and that if I was able to do it anybody can. I am not yet where I want to be but I am much closer than when I started and light years away from my old life.

You know more than you think.

What do you know? I’m betting that you know more than you think and that you have years of valuable experience and knowledge to share, with a world in need. If you have any questions or you think that you could benefit from my experiences please contact me and I will be happy to assist in any way I can. I am a strong believer in paying it forward and I would love to be of service.

Now, go do what you love!

My name is George Zanatta and I love coaching people to success!

Thank you,


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George J Zanatta Business Development Coach & Trainer Results Oriented Strategies (702)738-5700

Currently George is President of VFO corp. in Las Vegas a Business Support Company, and the owner of Results Oriented Strategies, a successful coaching practice working with Corporations, multi-level companies, realtors and “soloprenures” starting businesses. Also George is working for National Seminars giving seminars throughout United States.
Fully Bi-cultural (Mexico/USA) he does training and coaching in English or Spanish and knows the particular needs of the American and Hispanic cultures. In 2014 George is working on a project to help the Hispanic population in Las Vegas with their life challenges and volunteers as a trainer in local women’s shelters.

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