Mindset for Success

    By Shan White

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    Mindset is your rudder in the boat of your life.

    With a mindset for success, your possibilities are endless. With it, you will find yourself elevated, engaged and able to tap into purpose and move forward.

    Used constructively, your mindset will guide you to your desired destination. Used destructively, it can cause you to go off course or in circles.

    In my coaching practice, I’ve identified six key components of a strong and successful mindset from some of the masters of mindset.  These “6 P’s of Personal Power”, will steer you in the direction of your dreams.

    1. Purpose: If you can’t answer the question of “why” you are doing what you’re doing, the “how” will be without passion. Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life, said, “Without purpose, life has no meaning. Without meaning, life has no significance or hope.” It is essential for your progress and wellbeing to dig deep and identify a purpose that lies beyond yourself.
    2. Prioritize: Everyday, do the thing that you least want to do. Brian Tracy, professional development trainer & author, has likened this habit to “eating the frog”. If you figuratively eat the frog first thing in the morning, everything else tastes scrumptious! Plus, all of your others tasks will feel easy comparatively.
    3. Persistence: The mindset of the successful asks “HOW” instead of “if”.  If you are asking yourself, “can I overcome this obstacle?”, consider a shift in your mindset and ask, “How can I move beyond this?”. Diana Nyad, the 63-year-old swimmer, who swam from Cuba to Florida in under 53 hours on September 2, 2013, said to herself, “Find a way!” She said, “If it’s important to you, we can all get there… jelly-fish, sea-sickness, pain, cold…find a way.”
    4. Perception (Self): Negative self-perception is the universal human condition of not feeling good enough or deserving. One of the best ways of discovering how you truly perceive yourself is to monitor your thought-life. Be brutally honest with yourself and audit how much negative self-talk is occurring, and consider this famous quote by Henry Ford: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”
    5. Procrastination: This is my favorite! Steven Pressfield, in the The War of Art, said, “In reality, it is an internal force called “Resistance”. Pressfield goes on to explain that we feel resistance most strongly when we are about to dare greatly or grow spiritually! Activities that elicit resistance the most are launching any entrepreneurial venture or enterprise for profit or humanitarian purposes.   The next time you feel that same resistance that we all do in life around things that challenge us, try pushing through and see what comes out of it.
    6. Perfection Paralysis: Tony Robbins, my mentor and co-creator of my coaching certification program says that perfectionism can paralyze us from progressing toward our goals. “Perfectionism isn’t about healthy striving for excellence… it is a way of thinking and feeling that says, ‘If I look perfect, do it perfect, work perfect, and live perfect’, I can minimize shame, blame and judgment.” Get clear on your worth by pursuing your ‘why’, and you will no longer fear living in paralyzing perfection.
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      Shan White is a certified Life Coach who specializes in working with women executives, entrepreneurs, and community leaders who desire a break-through in their professional or personal lives.
      Contact: Shan White, Women’s Peak Performance Coaching
      “Create The Life You See, When You Close Your Eyes and Dream”
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    If you can set the rudder of your mind in a positive and straightforward direction, you will reach the destination of your dreams.

    What are your thoughts on a success mindset and what do you do to set your course in the right direction for you?

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