Making the Leap to Entrepreneur

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Making the leap to entrepreneur, Kari Roberts, knew there was no going back.  A baby boomer in Southampton, England, Kari has worked in the public service field for over 20 years before striking out on her own, at age 51.

Kari’s son, AJ Roberts, is a phenomenal marketing genius When he started encouraging his mom to pursue her vision of creating her own consulting and training company, it didn’t take much to convince her.  Kari was ready.  Scared?  Sure!  It goes with the territory, but in her heart, once Kari made up her mind to pursue the kind of work she really wanted to do, there was no turning back.

AJ warned Kari not to listen to people around her, because there would always be the doubters trying to discourage her.  It’s so important to have at least one person in your life that will encourage you to follow your dreams… someone who will believe in you.

I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation with Kari and hearing the review of her career journey that led her to where she is today, making the leap to entrepreneurship, and I think you will too.  You can catch the interview here.  Please pardon the microphone scuffing that happens when I’m speaking…lesson learned about microphones and collars! Interview with Kari Roberts:

Kari’s new website is under development, but you can reach her at her business Facebook Page: Achieving Parenting, and we’ll post her new site when it’s available.


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Kari Roberts, Director at Achieving Parenthood,

Thanks, Kari!  You’re a strong and visionary woman, and we look forward to keeping up with you and your endeavors!




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