Learning is Leading

    Learning is leading, over being led.

    Seeking, over shunting.

    Probing over proving.

    Research over recitation.

    Discovery, over drilling.

    Teaching, over testing.

    Experimentation, over examinations.

    Learning is doing…doing is learning.

    Learning is leading…leading is learning.

    Learning is faltering, over fearing.

    Learning is failing, and overcoming.

    “Learn” has “earn” contained within it.

    What are you learning today?

    Learners eat defeat for breakfast.

    Bon appetite.

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    Author, entrepreneur, ideator and founder of BoomersReinvented.com. An auto-didactic polymath, passionate about learning, growth and service, LeAura's mission is to elevate, educate, engage and empower others to be the best they can be, no matter their age. "Now is the time to live your dreams and make them real. The world needs your wisdom and your vision. Now it's time—not to check out—but to check in to becoming more fully all that you can be."


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