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Why quotes about money?

Money is simply an energy that provides freedom. As a baby boomer in my late 50’s, I’m considering the 40+ years left to do amazing work in the world. I have big visions and dreams and every intention of accomplishing them. This includes businesses and philanthropy.

My aspirations to live a bigger life and help others do the same, in whatever way they deem it, requires lots of energy, including money. There is so much need in the world and I’m impatient to get on with some of the many ideas incubating in notebooks and on vision boards, just waiting to be birthed into reality.

When our current business pursuits permit a lessening of focus, we will be more free to serve more people. And, while growing our businesses is loads of fun, I’m eager to get on with our philanthropic plans. Toward that, I immerse in those visions daily.



Mindset is a Muscle

When we first start an exercise regimen, it’s important to get clearance by our doctor. SImilarly, before attracting more wealth into our lives, we need to get clearance from our mindset.

What is your relationship with money? T. Harv Eker, of the Millionaire Mind, says that he can tell you about a person’s wealth in just five minutes of spending time with them.

What Harv means is this:

We reveal our mindset about money and wealth in the thoughts we have and the words we speak.

We’re probably all familiar by now with The Law of Attraction as depicted in films like The Secret. If you read this book or saw this film and controversy that followed it, you’ll know that a key ingredient missing in its depiction of The Law of Attraction was the importance of taking consistent and persistent action toward your dreams. In other words, they won’t happen to us or for us. We have to put forth the effort and then, as Goethe says, the universe will conspire.

“At the moment of commitment, the entire universe conspires to assist you.”
By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Classic books that expound on the attraction principle include the classic books like Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen. I love these books. I read them over and again throughout the years. I also immerse daily in reading and listening to audiobooks and podcasts that elevate my mind and inspire higher thinking.

Daily immersion in higher thinking is essential.

Top athletes workout and prepare for their sport daily. Top musicians… the best in the world at whatever craft, continue to practice and hone their skills daily. These pros know that their proficiency is not an arrival but a journey.

Mindset is not an arrival but a journey.

We do not achieve the mindset we need to accomplish our goals and dreams. Rather, we cultivate our mindset through daily nutrition. We do not feed our hunger by eating once. Rather, we feed our hunger and then we eat again at the next meal or the next day.

Similarly, reaching our wealth, career, and other life goals is more a journey than an arrival. Whatever our goals, we must feed them with daily inspiration and reinforcement.

Inspiration comes from mindset and mindset is a muscle that needs daily exercise.

So we’ll leave you here with some quotes about money that you may enjoy. See which is your favorite and share it—or other favorites—on the Boomers Reinvented Facebook page.

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For more on mindset, an all-time favorite, highly revered in academic and entrepreneurial circles alike, is Mindset, by Carol Dweck, which we review in this here. You may also enjoy this article on Mindset for Success.

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