Excited About the Future

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At Best Boomers and Beyond, we are excited about the future and present times in which we’re living. In this era of massive change and transformation, there is so much good that’s happening, and that’s what Best Boomers is all about.

Don’t buy into the fear mongers, whose rants have fueled the masses down through the ages.

We are biologically wired for bad news to capture our attention. Marketers and media experts know this, which is why shock, fear, and negativism fills our airways and internet, mesmerizing us with stories over which we have no control. Yet we watch, worry, discuss, and fret over these things, and in the end, it doesn’t help anything.

There will always be naysayers, bad news, sad news, and things to worry about and fear.  And, there will also always be good news, wonderful things, kind, compassionate and inspiring people and stories.

Whatever we focus on is what we will have more of in life.

This isn’t about being delusional about challenging times and massive transitions in multiple industries, for some of that is also very real.  But it is about focusing instead on the opportunities of our times and the positive changes that abound everywhere.  This is about not holding onto the old for the sake of tradition, if the old no longer serves.  It’s okay to prepare for the worst, but keep focusing on the best…of the many blessings in our lives, and you will have more.

Our electricity went off the other day.  We’ve all experienced that and how when it kicks back on, we’re so relieved and grateful, and yet that daily luxury is something we all tend to take for granted.  But while the power is off, what’s required is shifting our thinking to make the most of what is.  Whenever we hold onto the past or that which is lost, we feel and experience only loss.  When we shift…just turn our gaze to the future vista and hopefulness, guess what we see?  More hope, more potential, more possibilities, and a panoramic view.

Focus on hope and what’s possible, then head in that direction.

We can imagine that the horse and buggy companies as well as horse traders were filled with doom and gloom news back in 1901.  They were right about the bad news for their industry as it was, but for the rest of the world, it changed most everything for the better.

Does the ship in the night focus on the dark or on the lighthouse to bring it safely to shore?

We understand these principles metaphorically, but where it matters is in our ability to bridge the wisdom of the ages with whatever our present circumstance may be.

The key is to invest in yourself through daily learning and growth.  Elevate your mindset by  tapping into the many wonderful and amazing things in each day. Contribute to others and notice how the many inspiring people of all ages have incredible vision and ideas and are bringing it to life.  There are new businesses and business leaders who are changing the face of business for the better, and there is a growing number of people who are choosing themselves in business over waiting to be chosen for jobs they don’t really want.

Don’t waste your time on that which you can’t change.

You can make the life and future you want.  Even if you don’t get it exactly as you might have imagined, whenever we reach for the stars we have a better chance of touching a rainbow or a cloud.  In other words, stretch for more, and you will achieve more.  If you need someone to help you with that, there are many good coaches who help you set your direction and hold you to it. Or there are mentors who can offer guidance along the way.  You don’t have to do it alone.  Seek out others who have already done what you wish to do.

Do something each day in the direction of your dreams, and you are well on your way to them.
So… we are excited about the future!  Are you?

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