Ease Into Exercise for Baby Boomers

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Top Body Bads of Baby Boomers and How to Improve

The most common problems Rick Kaselj sees with baby boomers in his business of healing through movement are problem knees in women and problem shoulders in men.

Boomers, Don’t be a Health Statistic!

The bad news is that baby boomers are proving to be less healthy for their age than their parents, according to a six year study by National Health Interview Survey, 2004-2010.[1]http://www.prb.org/Publications/Articles/2013/us-baby-boomers.aspx

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. We can change this. Every effort we make to improve our health and fitness makes a difference that positively affects more than that one area of improvement. And judging by health club memberships held by increasingly greater numbers of baby boomers, many boomers are actively working to get—or keep—fit.

Rick loves to teach people how they have the power to change and improve their lives, and it’s not hard. Rick talks about how simple steps over time add up to make a big difference.

Simple steps over time make a big difference.

Rick creates all kinds of programs that help people to heal injuries through exercise. His tips for improving lower back pain came in just in time for my husband, Coleman, the other day and it worked almost immediately! Just a few simple exercises and stretches in just a few short minutes. This is not a miracle pill… it’s just simple applied kinesiology.

The thing that’s most significant is that if Coleman had not take the time to run through the few short exercises Rick recommended for lower back pain, he would have ended up at the chiropractor in a day or so as has happened many times before. Now, thanks to Rick and these simple exercises that fix lower back pain, he sidestepped that expense in time and money by helping his body help itself!

It was just serendipity that I’m on Rick’s newsletter list and his email about what exercises to do for lower back pain dropped into my inbox the very morning after Coleman strained his back.

But the thing that’s clear about the body is that if one area is off it will thrown other areas off as well. The body works hard to compensate, and lower back pain can actually start in the neck.Unlock-Your-Hip-Collage

For more on these programs by Rick, click here.

Posture Exercises for Rounded Shoulders

Rick has also sent recent emails out about how to fix stooped shoulders, so we talked some about that. Because here’s the thing, stooped or rounded shoulders affects so much more than appearance. Any poor posture or body mechanics causes other areas of the body to shift out of place and sets up conditions for misalignment and ailing in other areas of the body.

Forward-head-positionSee Rick’s remedy for forward head position here.

In watching the movie, Spotlight,  the actor, Michael Ruffalo had this rounded shoulder proclivity. In virtually every scene he would sit or stand with shoulders hunched and head hanging forward. I hoped this was part of an act for his character and not how he is in real life. What is it that causes people to develop this head-hanging posture? Whatever the cause, the result is that it pulls the entire back out of alignment, and often leads to lower back and hip issues and even knee and ankle problems. Because…

When one area is out of whack it eventually affects the whole body.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.51.25 AM
The actor Michael Ruffalo, in the movie Spotlight. A great movie, but stop hunching, Michael!

The Frozen Shoulder – aka – 50 Year Shoulder

Some years ago… approaching age 50, Coleman also began experiencing problems in his shoulder, which we later came to know was “frozen shoulder”, aka in oriental medicine as the 50 year shoulder for how many become afflicted around age 50.

Our shoulders are such incredibly intricate networks of so many moving parts, pieces, connections and cross connections, that its no wonder these can become problem areas that afflict many.

Rick covers this as well in his programs as well as in his extensive free library of articles and videos on his website. In fact, Rick has over 1,200 articles on his website and over 900 videos on YouTube, all a vast reservoir of free information on whatever ails you!

If you like to have a comprehensive program all in one place, you may wish to invest in some of his programs. They are sure to be far less in cost of time and money than any doctor visit. Our motto is in alignment with Plato. Whenever possible, “…heal thyself!”

Rick Kaselj and his programs help us to heal ourselves, and that is empowering and awesome!


If your shoulder is the issue, you can find out more about Rick’s shoulder program here.

We hope you’ll enjoy this interview with Rick Kaselj as much as we did. In it, Rick Kaselj of ExercisesForInjuries.com,[2]http://exercisesforinjuries.com/ shares the top physical issues affecting boomers and what you can do about it.


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If you enjoyed this interview and want to see the one we did with Rick Kaselj on the top 3 exercises to do when you’re short on time, plus how to build your personal trainer business, you can find that here on MyTrainerFitness.com.[3]http://mytrainerfitness.com/how-to-build-your-personal-trainer-business-plus/

And the final takeaway from our time with Rick?

Don’t let any injury stop you from exercising!

There’s always something you can do! Visit Rick to find out at ExercisesForInjuries.com.[4]http://exercisesforinjuries.com/

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