Destiny or Free Will?

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What Will You?

It is an age old argument: Destiny or free will?

Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe in free will? Can we believe in both simultaneously?

The answer is whatever you determine it to be.

If you believe destiny rules your life, she does. If you believe that you rule your life, you do. If you believe that we are an intricate matrix of destiny by design, then so it is for you.

Ultimately, we are the artists of the canvas of our lives. We are the builders and our souls the architects.

Of God, or Divine Intelligence, we shall not elaborate in this missive, for our human tendency is to divide and separate into the limitations of our understanding, and further limitations encasing the esoteric into the tangible of language. For you it may be God in whatever language, for another, it might be Divine Intelligence. For me…I use them all, for a flower is a flower after all, and the sun which sets upon Madrid, is the same sun that sets over Malaysia. The air which is in New Zealand today, could be the air over Newfoundland another. The water that rains from the skies over Mozambique is the same water that finds its way to Montana, at some point in the journey of our planet.

Language is designed to clothe our thoughts so that others may recognize them.

Yet tastes vary, and perceptions can cause us to avert our gaze. Sometimes we miss the humanity before us, if it strays beyond our boundaries of familiar comfort.

Yet, if we were safe on the shore with a lifeline to toss to a drowning man, would we not toss it? And without regard to his attire, or the color of the ‘cloth’ covering his soul, wouldn’t we do all that we could to help?

What about the soul in our path, drowning in a sea of humanity? Each person we encounter that is unpleasant, is simply a bound soul enslaved in the garb of gab, frustrated by the chatter of conditioning which drowns the sound of the self seeking to be seen and heard.

Love dissolves the angry retort.  Perspective is expansive.  When we realize that the rude or cruel person causing us distress, can only do so if they themselves are internally distressed and separated from their essence…their essential selves, it brings understanding and compassion.

At some point we all thrash against invisible tangles of concepts that have conditioned a prison around us.  We seek the relief of escape from a formless enemy, and strain against unnamed fears often masked as doubt.

Language designed to convey essence can often restrict and suffocate that which it is to serve. Ideas are the souls of words…let us not lose the soul in the garb. So let us rise above the boundaries of language and get not entangled in the web of material that matters not in the end. For in meeting our maker, it is in the beginning and at the end, a personal matter.

But I’ve strayed into philosophical ramblings that itself conceals the point, which is simply this:

It is as you believe it is.  If you wish to change it, then change our belief.  If you think you are not destined for greatness, and yet greatness calls your soul, then set forth immediately, in the direction of that vision.

If you say, “I’ve always been that way.”, and seek not to change that which you do not like, then you shall continue to always be that way.  If you wish it were different, change it.  You are the only one who can.

So our destiny becomes that which we set in motion by our free will.

However, ultimately will is not free for if we choose unwisely, time and again, we lose freedom, we lose choice, and destiny takes over.

Destiny of Free Will…?  Yes.  That.

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