The Art of Healing – An Artist Restores Her Ability to See

I think that many people are artists.

Art can be expressed in so many ways, from how you arrange your home to how you arrange a meal, to appreciation of beauty, nature and art.

I think that even appreciation can be a form of art. I think of it as colors flowing from the heart. And certainly, art is appreciation. Perhaps we could say that gratitude is art from the heart.

The artist’s path is to reveal beauty from beauty… to illustrate and enhance the beauty seen and unseen and bring it to light.

An artist gazes upon their subject for hours, communing with it and coaxing from it secrets hidden to the casual eye. It takes a deep sense of appreciation, and a heart gladdened by beauty, to bring more life to art… and more art to life.

Spring Fever (Montepulciano, Italy). Springtime explosion of color around an old convent house just outside the medieval walls of Montepulciano, Italy. Watercolor on Arches
Spring Fever (Montepulciano, Italy)
Springtime explosion of color around an old convent house just outside the medieval walls of Montepulciano, Italy.
Watercolor on Arches

The Artist Who Healed Herself

Diane was uncertain at first of sharing her story… her painful and private journey publicly. But then she thought that if she could help someone else… if her story might help someone else, it would be worth it.

“I have a friend around my age who was really overweight and suffering and now she’s turned her life around completely.” Diane shared.

Indeed, her story has already helped others, so we’re sharing it here, in case it might also help you or someone you know, and for the inspiration in Diane’s sojourn.

If you’re an artist, your soul yearns to soak in the scenes of life and capture sun-washed strands in strokes of brush, write color into words on paper, mold clay into ever-refined shapes… from blobs to beauty.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 6.51.06 PM
Camelia in Ikebana Arrangement Intense red camelia flower in an Ikebana arrangement. Acrylic on panel
If you’re a visual artist, you need your eyes.

So when Diane Cardaci’s eyesight became significantly impaired, it throttled her life and her plans. This interview is her story of triumph over tragedy and victory over the victim she refused to be.

Artist heal thyself. And so she did. Diane healed herself through meditation, prayer, invocation, and—in particular—through food. Rather than write too much here, please tune into the interview with Diane and let her share her journey with you.

Learn what happened to Diane and how she regained her vision through food… and… a little help from her friends!
Yuki and Kana... Diane's "happy place".
Yuki and Kana… Diane’s “happy place”, her teacup poodle pups also contributed to her healing.

We hope you enjoy this visit with Diane as much as we did.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, or over on our Facebook page.  We’re building community here… and that includes you!

The bottom line: we are all far more capable of healing ourselves than we might imagine, and it often begins with the simplest of solutions.

In fact we did another interview with another artist who also healed herself over time… through her art!

Never forget… you have the power.

58289_1467799090672_5743395_nDiane Cardaci has been drawing and painting since she was a child. She developed her classical art training while studying at the Art Students League of New York City, Parsons School of Design, and the School of Visual Arts. Her passion for both realism and nature led her to start her professional art career working as a Natural Science Illustrator in New York City.

diane_After studying portraiture, commissioned portrait work soon became an important part of Diane’s art work. She is a Signature member of the American Society of Portrait Artists, and has been a contributing writer for the organization’s publications. Her work hangs in private, corporate and public collections, and she has exhibited both nationally and internationally.
Diane has devoted much of her time to art education. She directed her own art school, The Academy of Classical Art, for four years in West Palm Beach, Fl. She is also the author of numerous art instruction books published by Walter Foster.

Diane Cardaci’s Website

Diane’s Facebook Page




On Health and Healing:

The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo PrinciplesThis is the book that Diane used to heal herself and regain her vision… regain her LIFE!

Diane’s Art Books:

Flowers & Botanicals: Discover your ‘inner artist’ as you explore the basic theories and techniques of pencil drawing (Drawing Made Easy)

Shortcuts & Artists’ Secrets: Learn quick methods for creating realistic drawings (Drawing Made Easy)

Realistic Textures: Discover your “inner artist” as you explore the basic theories and techniques of pencil drawing (Drawing Made Easy)

Drawing: Faces & Expressions: Master the art of drawing a range of faces and expressions – step by step (How to Draw & Paint)

Step-by-Step Studio: Drawing Lifelike Subjects: A complete guide to rendering flowers, landscapes, and animals

Step-by-Step Studio: Drawing Concepts: A complete guide to essential drawing techniques and fundamentals

Drawing & Sketching: A Deluxe Kit for the Beginning Artist


Other Great Art Books:

The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron

Coloring Books for Adults, by Lilt Kids (to destress and help get your creative juices flowing)

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More Inspiration:

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