BOOK REVIEW: It’s Your Turn, by Seth Godin

Book Review, Seth Godin, What to Do When It's Your Turn and It's Always Your Turn, Entrepreneurship,
What To Do When it’s Your Turn (and it’s Always Your Turn), by Seth Godin

As you will see from my highly tagged copy of this gem from Seth Godin, virtually each page is filled with quotables for pondering and sharing.

“Either way you’re the creator or you’re the audience. Either you’re waiting your turn or taking it.”

I find that What To Do When It’s Your Turn, by Seth Godin, is a book to return to over and again for refreshing my mindset and stimulating creativity.

Having published the My Trainer Fitness line of workout products, that includes images, grids, texts, colors, etc, I know that to produce—write, edit, arrange, proof, etc—such a book is significantly more time consuming and costly. Far more than a simply formatted text-only book.

So to take on a project like this is a bold move, however, more than that, I think it’s an indication of where books are going. Seth is always on the leading edge, so writers and aspiring writers should take note, and see where this concept might be a fit for your work.

We’re such a visually driven society now, that it makes sense to come back full circle to a sort of adult “picture book”. Once again, Seth is leading the way in taking a chance to do it differently.  Next maybe he’ll take on an eBook with video and graphics embedded.

Book Review, Seth Godin, What to Do When It's Your Turn and It's Always Your Turn, Entrepreneurship,
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Seth’s trademark is to encourage and remind people that they are more capable than they know, and that the world needs your art, your creativity and your voice.  But more than that, you need it. Don’t live with the regret of not trying.  Seth says the one who succeeds is the one who first failed the most.

Not sure what to do and where to start?  Learn from those who do.   Enlist the help of a successful friend or friends. Learn from books and podcasts and blogs from those who are doing what it is you want to do. Hire a coach or mentor. Whatever works for you (I do them all), just do it!

Get this and get going.  You will not regret either action. “Only do it”, as Seth says.