We Are All Creators

    “I’ve never been very creative.”  

    Have you ever said that, or heard someone else say it?

    If so, what we’re really saying with that is that we’ve not yet really tapped into our creative selves.

    Humans are designed to create and produce.  All children start out as artists and creators, crafting imaginary worlds in art and play all day.  When we are not creating or producing, we deteriorate.  Think of any living organism, and its total mission is to grow.  Absence of growth equates to death.  Same for humans.
    We are either growing, or dying on some level. Choose growth.


    If we are not growing physically, through exercise and proper nutrition, our bodies become diseased, dying out slowly (or faster), depending on what ailment takes over.  This includes all ages, where growth beyond our teens, can mean continued renewal and growth of healthy cells and physiological systems, as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.

    If we are not learning, creating and producing new things and enjoying new experiences, our mind and emotions become stagnant, and the life in these areas is diminished. The flow of life is movement and growth.

    We are meant to be creators.

    If you’re struggling, feeling stressed or overwhelmed in any area, here are a few quick fix tips to turn it around.  Keep this list handy and try them out, one at a time, and you will soon feel better.


    1.    Unplug and tune into YOU. Turn off the multiple channels of outside input, e.g., email, TV, radio, etc.  These are typically consumed and tend to postpone getting to that which we really need to do to be truly productive.

    2.    Get out in nature.  Merge with your nature in nature.  Enjoy a brisk walk outside whenever possible, and while you’re there, do take time to smell the flowers and appreciate the beauty and wonder of creation.
    3.    Cook something delicious. If you like to cook, then make an amazing dish, and share it with a loved one if you can, (better yet, plan to cook it together while enjoying good conversation.
    4.    Create something.  Write, color, paint, craft something…whatever you enjoy, preferably along with some inspiring music and write a poem or short story.
    5.    Dance.  If you like to dance, put on some boogie tunes and dance like nobody’s watching.
    6.    Talk with a friend.  Call or visit with a friend or acquaintance.  Be there for them, inquiring deeply on how they’re doing. Strangely, this getting outside of the bubble of our own worries tends to dissipate them.
    7.    Learn something new.  If you invest only an hour each day in learning a new skill, by week’s end you’re 5 hours smarter in that area. By month’s end you’re 20 hours smarter, and by year’s end you’ve invested over 200 hours learning something new!


    Whatever you do, the most important thing is that you do something, steadily in the direction of better.  The things that always work for me:
Energize through exercise and nutrition

    • Elevate through learning and growth.
    • Engage my soul through presence and passion, and
    • Empower others through service and contribution.

    The flow of life is movement and growth.

    This community of ‘Boomers and Beyond’ is rich with knowledge and experiences, and we’d love to hear your tips!


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