Review: What Is Your WHAT

As a coach, mentor and Passion Test facilitator, I see many people who don’t know their “what”…don’t have a sense of their life purpose and don’t even know what they’re passionate about.

This is not surprising given the current typical school system designed to teach kids to cram rather than create, and conform rather than conceive.

It’s the rare school that fosters educators asking students what they’re interested in and guides them to learn and study that and build on that interest.  Rather, except for in homeschooling, teachers are required to stuff in all kinds of learning that kids can’t relate to and so often it isn’t relevant to them or to the lives they will lead.  My brother has often said that the one high school class he actually benefit from in a way that serves him today, was typing class, which allows him to touch type proficiently.

So if you’re one of the many who draw a blank if someone asks you what your passionate about, don’t worry.  You’re may actually be in the majority. And, there’s a simple process for unearthing more about yourself and what touches your soul, fires your heart and inspires you to action.

This is why books like Olsher’s are so relevant and needed.  Even if you think you know what your passions are and know what you want to pursue, in this book, Steve provides simple strategies to help keep you on track.

At first, I didn’t think Steve’s book was for me, because I have so many interests and ideas that it isn’t about just one thing, (which is the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5).  However, identifying your “what” can really help to keep you on track with what’s most important to focus on, and Steve’s technique, which you can also read here in his article, is about moving from the broad category, for example “Teacher”, then to more specific categories, such as a venue for teaching.  Or “Writing”, and then identifying more specific venues that will serve you most.

Steve Olsher is an excellent writer and is passionate about helping people to discover their “What”, and after reading his book and engaging in the exercises, you will know your “what”.  So, I highly recommend reading, What Is Your What?, by Steve Olsher.

Highly recommend
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  1. I’m like you and often figured I would never find my passion as my interests are so many! I think I will try this book…