FUNNY and Relevant Clip on the Meaning of Social

You will LOVE this Toyota Venza commercial!!  It’s a funny and relevant clip on the meaning of social in today’s “connected” world. You’ll chuckle and appreciate the clever depiction of boomers and millennials.  Check it out if you haven’t seen it, and pay close attention to all the fun and funny nuances.

And though we do like Toyota, we’re not getting compensated for this. Our favorite thing is to share good things with good people.  Toyota has several good ones, but this is our favorite, and it’s only 30 seconds.  If you want to see a few of the others, you can find them in the YouTube board after this one ends, or, click through to them from here: “Missing Them,” and here: “Cross-Country“, and… if your post-college kid has moved back in with you, you’ll especially enjoy this one.

Do you have fun generational stories like this to share?  We’d love to hear them!  Post a comment below or send us a note.


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