From Corporate to Entrepreneur

    Interview with Nick Jongebloed, of Prime Life Fit & LeAura Alderson, Best Boomers and Beyond

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    Your Future is Bright. Decide. Do.

    One of my favorite things to do in the world is meeting inspiring people doing interesting things in the world.  It’s especially fun to learn about people who have shifted from corporate to entrepreneur life, and how it is elevating and empowering them toward living the lives of their dreams.

    Nick Jongebloed and his domestic and business partner, Tara Ballard are definitely an amazing and inspiring couple.  What makes them amazing?

    For starters they’re healthier today in their 50’s (Nick turned 50 in 2014) and 40’s (Tara is still a young-un ;-)), than in their 20’s and 30’s, and they’re passionate about helping others achieve what they have:  Health and wealth!

    Nick and Tara both look—easily—10 years younger and are strong, healthy and vibrant.
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    Tara Ballard & Nick Jongebloed Nick Jongebloed is a business coach whose clients and teammates join him on a journey to physical and financial freedom. Nick has found a vehicle for this journey. He has partnered with Isagenix company because their vision aligns perfectly with his mission of true freedom. The Isagenix vision is to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain.

    They’ve both shifted from long-time successful corporate careers to being entrepreneurs, in a new industry and business model than they ever would have imagined for themselves.  Yet their new career nurtures all of their key areas of interest:  building health and wealth while helping others do the same.

    Nick and Tara are also two of the most positive, uplifting, and dynamic people we know…the kind that lift you up just being around them. Hmm…think there’s a connection there?

    Change… learning… growth… mindset… contribution… wealth… and health. it’s all connected.

    Tune in and enjoy some elevating conversation and learn more about Nick’s journey and career transformation, and some of what they do to keep looking so young and fit!

    EDITORS NOTE: This interview begins at the 30 second mark.

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