Amazing 85-Yr-Old Supermodel’s Secrets Help Baby Boomers

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    daphne_selfe_6154_635x-1While the color grey can be associated with negative grey skies, grey hair, and being in a grey area in life, that is not the way super model Daphne Selfe, 85, views the silver years. Instead, she tells how the luster grey can add to life and how she maintains her remarkable healthy appearance.

    Daphne is the world’s oldest, successful supermodel with an impressive portfolio including Dolce & Gabbana, Vogue, Marie Claire, Gap, Nivea, Harpers Bazaar, Italian Vanity Fair, and The Times.

    Selfe has 60 years of modeling under her belt. It wasn’t until her silver years age, however, that her modeling career blossomed, as she promoted benefits of turning grey and embracing the beauty that being a senior brings.

    “My hair is my fortune, it made me more striking,” she says.  ”Other younger models admire me but they’re not jealous, as I’m not a threat.  I have a niche all of my own.”

    Her secret?

    Selfe maintains her looks through  yoga and diet. She can still do the splits. She eats large amounts of fruit, vegetables and fish and drinks plenty of water.

    Plastic surgery? No way, she says. She’s never had plastic surgery and doesn’t intend to. She looks at her career as an opportunity to dispel stereotypes and ridiculous societal standards.

    The runway will continue to be her platform in eliminating the struggle with the aging process until “they stop calling.”

    As a woman, I know firsthand what it’s like to feel pressured by society to look a certain way in order to be considered beautiful. The interesting thing to me is that as teenage girls, we actually believe that our beauty is wrapped up in how we look.

    As adults, we know better. We know that beauty comes from within; however, the fascinating part about it is that even though we know that, we many times don’t feel comfortable in our own skin unless we conform to society’s image of beauty anyway.

    Her poise, elegance and allure shine through in her photographs, along with her long grey hair.

    “Suddenly growing old doesn’t seem that bad, does it?” asks Gladis, an online news source

    “To heck with conforming. Let’s just be ourselves and shine!”

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